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Watch Bees Surf to Safety on Waves They Create
When honeybees fall into water, they generate their own ripples, then glide to dry land, a study found.

How a Rooftop Meadow of Bees and Butterflies Shows N.Y.C.’s Future
A Greenpoint building is part of a push to combat climate change and make the city more welcoming to wildlife.

Tennessee Makes Way for the Monarchs
A new wildflower meadow at a Tennessee welcome center is just one of many efforts to address the loss of pollinator habitat.

Beekeepers Confront the E.P.A. Over Pesticides
Leaders in the beekeeping industry have sued the environmental agency over its approval of the use of a pesticide that has harmed colonies.

Without Bees, We Are in Trouble
Can an alliance of Germany’s political parties save them?

Catch a Buzz With Two New Books About Bugs
In “The Mosquito,” Timothy Winegard examines the history of man’s “deadliest predator.” In “Buzz, Sting, Bite,” Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson looks at how insects have shaped human civilization.

Bees Swarm Berlin, Where Beekeeping Is Booming
Berlin has more honeybee hives than it can manage, and experts say many of the beekeepers do not have enough time or training for the hobby.

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Bee Hive Smart Sensor Technology for Optimal Development of the Bees
This topic is for the beekeepers that would like to know what can we monitor with Bee Hive Smart Sensor Technology with the mission provide optimal development of the bees.

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Honey Bee Colony as Superorganism
The issue 94(1) of Bee World is a Special Issue devoted to the exciting subject of the “superorganism”. A superorganism is an organism consisting of many organisms, and the term is often used to describe a...

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Bee deaths from pesticides threaten nation’s honey and beekeepers in Greece
Bees swarm around Evropi-Sofia Dalampira as she walks along Anel Honey Park’s on-site honeybee colonies next to beekeeper Kostas Boudouths, who is checking his hives. She was leading a tour group of kindergarteners through...

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Welcome to the luxury bee hotel
By Emma Sarah Tennant I love to watch the bees hard at work in our garden, but often think they deserve a holiday. So I was thrilled to get an email from Fiona Lane...

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First varroa treatment approved for use in Australia
By Stephen Fleming Apiguard, the organically-approved varroa control treatment from Vita (Europe) Ltd, has just been approved for use in Australia. It is the first varroa control product to be approved by the Australian...

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Where would you like to keep bees?
By Stephen Fleming I’ve just discovered a fascinating new site featuring Google Earth’s Street View. You have to guess where in the world the Street View location is – and for added beekeeper fun,...

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EyesOnHives: Tool to Revolutionize Honey Bee Hive Monitoring
Keltronix Inc in the beggining of November announced the launch of EyesOnHivesTM a powerful analytics platform that helps beekeepers, scientists, and other researchers quantify and assess the activity and health of a beehive. With EyesOnHives, beehive activity...

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Why so many bees still?
I’m a first year beekeeper in Cincinnati and my hive has done well. I was under the impression the number of bees I have would have been reduced by...

Frame rest protectors
Are frame rest protectors a joke or do they make scraping the propolis easier and protect the box

Be VERY Careful about contributing money!
This forum is for threads where "funding requests" are a material issue, This would include KickStarter, GoFundMe, FundRazr, etc type projects. ...

Formic Acid
I have a hive of feral bees that I caught in a swarm trap out the mountains around my job site. I had checked in on them after the Formic acid...

Looking for reading material suggestions
I am occasionally out of town with NO internet signal. :pinch: I am looking for suggestion for good informative books (Kindle) Any ideas? I'd...

Adding Second Brood Box - Keeping Moisture Out of Hives
Winter is fast approaching which means my bee season is upon me. We're at the end of the dearth and the girls are starting to bring back yellow...

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